The Game Audio Tutorial

You might also be looking our old book : "The Game Audio Tutorial", or new book : Game Audio Implementation.

Film music links

See also 'Film Music' Section here

Music for the movies : Bernard Herrmann
Music for the movies : The Hollywood sound
Randy Newman Interview
Hans Zimmer
John Williams
List of leitmotifs
Elfman style
Senior VP for music universial picturtes
Michael Kamen on Robin Hood
Bobby Johnson
The incredibles scoring
John Williams – Saving private ryan
Jerry goldsmith
Lots of movie composer interviews
General intro

Making a living from music for picture (Sound on Sound articles)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Orchestration and Instrumentation
Italian Terms used in Music (See Dynamics, and Techniques Sections).

Interesting little documentary about Marco Baltrami's score for 3:10 to yuma particaularly his imaginative use of instrumentation, no doubt inspired by his mentor Ennio MorriconeMix Magazine interview with Ennio Morricone.

Midi Orchestration
Scoring March of the Dinosaurs
From Mockup to Orchestration

Sample libraries 
Vienna symphonic library
Kontakt 4 Orchestral Library Info 

Cue excel sheet calculator

Cubase tutorial video files
Sound on sound articles
Extracting DVD to vob files (PC)
Dvd decryptor

Extracting DVD to mov or avi (Mac)
Converting vob (or all) to avi / mov etc
MPEG streamclip

Compressing your video to a manageable size (or changing Compression Codec)
Download Virtualdub
Run Virtualdub.exe and File / Open video file.
Choose ‘Video / Compression’ (ctrl + p)
Recommend DivX or Xvid (or any other of your choice).
Then ‘File / Save as avi’

Alternatively :
Online video conversion,

Identifying video codecs   

Rendering to video
If your DAW won't allow you to render the audio and video out together as a video file then export your music as a stereo Wav before using one of the methods below to add it to your video. 

- For Cubase File / Export / Audio Mixdown, then File / Replace Audio in Video File.
- Both iMovie and Windows Movie Maker will allow you to add your soundtrack to the video.
- In Adobe Audition you can insert your video into the Multitrack view, then add your wav, and then export the movie.
- In Virtualdub - open movie then choose ‘Audio’ / ‘Wav audio’ and add your track. Then ‘Save as avi’.
Don’t forget to check to compression on your final video !
See above - Compressing your video to a manageable size.

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