The Game Audio Tutorial

You might also be looking our old book : "The Game Audio Tutorial", or new book : Game Audio Implementation.

DVD's with sound / music commentaries of documentaries

DVD’s with sound design commentaries and documentaries

Seven – Sound design commentary

A Bugs Life (2CD edition): Isolated 5.1. Sfx track. + Documentary

Monsters Inc special edition : Isolated SFX track

LOTR – Extended editions. Sound design Documentaries

THX1138 – Commentary by Walter Murch

Underworld – Technical commentary incl. Sound design

Alien – Alternate score and production sound track – compare production sound with post production

The Conversation – Commentary by Walter Murch

Terminator 2 Ultimate edition – No commentary but good documentaries

Das Boot – Directors commentary has lots of discussion of sound

Bourne identity – Short doc and interactive sound mix

DVD's with music commentaries and documentaries

Final fantasy : Composer commentary / Isolated Score

Hollow Man : Composer commentary

The 6th Day : Composer commentary

Edward Scissor hands : 10th anniversary edition – Composer commentary

Seven : Composer commentary

Planet of the apes : Composer commentary

A bugs life : Isolated score

War of the worlds (Speilberg) Special edition : 'Scoring war of the worlds' Short doc featuring John Williams.

P.Williams Amazon list of DVD's with sound design features

Comprehensive list (in German)

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