The Game Audio Tutorial

You might also be looking our old book : "The Game Audio Tutorial", or new book : Game Audio Implementation.

Play, Performance, Composition - Interesting Integrated Approaches

     As a tool for composition or an 'Open Work' composition
     Music feedback reward augmenting gameplay
Sync as a game mechanic
     Aurally Guided
            Call and Response
     Graphically Guided
Audio based
Audio Analysis Creates Game Structures


As a tool for composition

As an 'Open Work' Composition ?

Dolphin, A. (2013) Defining sound toys: play as composition. Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio, OUP.

Brian Eno 'Scape' Interview
Pugs Luv Beats

Musical Feedback Reward Augmenting Gameplay

Synced / Rhythmic input as game mechanic

Awarded points or advantage for matching input / actions to Music

Def Jam Icon "the big beats in the music can cause special events to occur in the environement which cause extra damage to the fow you're battling. ... In general, the entire scene also modulates to the beat from sparkling hub caps and falling ceilling tiles to lightning flashes and shaking camera cinematography." (Paul, L. in "Music and Game" Moormann (ED))

Earthbound : mother 3 - music based battle systems, taking actions in time with the background music increasese your effectiveness.

The Flight

Aurally Guided - Pulse

Aurally Guided - Call and Response

Graphically Guided 

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