The Game Audio Tutorial

You might also be looking our old book : "The Game Audio Tutorial", or new book : Game Audio Implementation.

Portal and Vocal Characterisations

Coming late to the Portal party I have to say I really enjoyed the game although all the flying through the air and flipping around did make me a little queasy at times. There's been a lot of comment on the great voice characterisation of Glados and of course the now infamous Portal Song - don't watch this unless you've completed the game as it will spoil it !

There was some discussion of how the process was done at Engine Audio but it seems to have disappeared and so below is a youtube version instead :

There are a couple of ideas about how to recreate the effects here and CosmicD has done a tutorial on how to recreate the vocal effect using Melodyne (while your there look at the video doc on their new 'direct access' technology - impressive and certain to result in a flurry, more like slurry, of crazy remixes featuring Girls Aloud singing Bach Cantatas etc).

Whilst GlaDOS is great she still doesn't beat my favorite menacing-female-sci-fi-type-character Shodan from System Shock.

If you enjoyed the game then don't forget to check out the flash version and 'Still Alive' for the NDS. Also the highly amusing 'Day in the life of a turret'.
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