The Game Audio Tutorial

You might also be looking our old book : "The Game Audio Tutorial", or new book : Game Audio Implementation.

Game editors - Fun and Art ?

This looks fun, but I don't know if anybody is still playing Quake III. Probably a few dedicated people left ?

Simpsons map for Quake III Arena - Boing Boing

As these game editors are so easy to use I'm surprised not to see a lot more experimental or artistic work taking place using them. I'm working on an installation using the Unreal 3 engine right now but haven't seen a great deal of other stuff.

I love this work by Alison Mealey (interview here) that uses Unreal Tournament processes to generate visual art.

Kurt Hentschl├Ąger has produced this work '
KARMA/cell' using the Unreal 3 engine.

There's a large array of digital art taking place in Second Life but if anyone knows of other game engine based work - let me know !
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