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'Found sound'

Taking Luigi Russolo's advice from 'The Art of Noises' Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) has worked on the latest VW Golf ad 'Rhythms of everyday'.
“We must break out of this narrow circle of pure musical sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise sounds.” (Russolo)

Making of here.

Reminscent of Coldcuts 'Timber' it mixes the use of found sounds with a close audio-visual integration.

Coldcut were / are (?) involved in the development of the VJamm software - here's an illustration of how they use it in their sets.

As well as being open to all kinds of sound sources the use of 'Found sound' can also raise political points such as in Matthew Herberts 'Plat du jour' which examines problems in our food chain through the use of related sounds to create the music itself.

'I am tired of having to tolerate the international language of cheap convenience food - convenient mainly to those that make and serve it. The bright pinky orange of farmed salmon in aeroplane trays, the branded waters 1000 times more expensive than tap water, the dismal spread of the hotel breakfast buffet, with its pre-formed meat slices, pasteurised juices, mechanically produced bread and nestle yoghurts full of sugar and potassium sorbate…

This record then, aims to tell some of the hidden stories behind the overly-elaborate and wasteful packets. It looks at what's on the menu and asks you to makes decisions based on criteria other than taste. The album will include tracks made from a grain of sugar, 30,000 chickens, a salmon farm, the sewers below London and water.'

Similarly Matmos' album 'A chance to cut is a chance to cure' uses sounds recorded during plastic surgery procedures (not for the squeamish). (Good interview with Matmos here.)

On a games related note below is a track made by using the weapon sounds from 'Call of Duty' by Serpento.

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